Nov 4, 2013

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Fedora: A Staple Fashion Accessory


Bruno Mars shot to stardom while donning a fedora hat. However, did you know that long before he crooned that he loves you, “Just the way you are”, fedoras have been the IT fashion accessory? The king of Pop, Micheal Jackson, was often seen wearing one.

The fedora hat started making its mark in the late 1800s as a fashion accessory to identify the upper class men of that time clearly. Hence, if you donned a fedora back then, you’re considered one of the highborn.

bruno mars fedora

Bruno Mars, Moonshine Jungle Tour in Vienna

Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the early parts of the 20th century when the fedora hat really grew in popularity. This rise to popularity became especially apparent when the most famous detectives, gangsters, and leading men such as Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca adorned their heads with fedoras, so much so that this particular type of hat eventually overtook the Homburg Hat as men’s signature hat during that time.

These days, it’s not surprising to see big-name celebrities like Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Ian Somerhalder wearing fedoras as they strut down the Red Carpet or when out on a casual walk. In fact, fedora hats continue to grow in popularity today. From classic fur felt fedora hats, to summer straw fedora hats, and Panama Hats, all the way to trendy trilby fedoras, it’s quite obvious that this hat can dress up any outfit.

Why do you think fedora hats rank high as far as fashion accessories go? Well, these hats represent sheer elegance of class, style, and sophistication. In fact, it has become a symbol of unisex fashion – both men and women can get away with a fedora accentuating their outfits and still look good.

Do you think you can pull off wearing a fedora? Regardless if you want to wear it to amp up your summer outfit or to add fun to your formal dress, it would do you good to consider these tips before you select and start wearing a fedora:

Decide how you wish to wear the fedora. In olden times, it was strictly used as formal headwear for men. Nevertheless, evolution in style trends has made it appropriate for use of both men and women, and it can now be worn with both formal and casual attires. Hence, it would be a good idea to decide if you wish to wear it with multiple outfits and if you intend to wear it formally or casually. Otherwise, you should buy one that would suit any occasion.
Pick the right color and material that would go well with your clothes. You don’t really need to have so many fedoras in a variety of colors. A straw fedora would do for daytime and summer wear simply because it is lighter and would allow the breeze through so you wouldn’t feel too hot. On the other hand, a dark felt or twill fedora would be perfect for nighttime wear and colder settings.


daughter and her fedora she coincidentally left at the concert hall when we watched Bruno Mars

Make sure you choose the proper fit for your hat. While it should fit your head snugly (obviously, so it wouldn’t keep sliding off), it should not be too tight enough to leave ugly red marks on your skin. To determine the proper fit of a hat, it should rest just about a finger’s width above your eyebrows and ears.

Remember to keep the back brim of your fedora tilted up while you may leave the front brim tilted up or leave it straight.

Now that we’ve laid out some considerations, it’s time to find out what you could wear that would look awesome with your fedora. This part is especially for the women out there.

These days, fedoras are available in almost every color imaginable. Nevertheless, you would want to stick to traditional and “safe” colors like brown, black, and tan to go with a simple blouse or shirt. You can amp up the outfit with a floral printed skater skirt.

During summertime, you may choose to go with a straw fedora to accentuate your lovely maxi dress. You will not only come out strikingly stylish but you would also be protecting your face from the sun and heat.

Are you feeling like a sleuth? Do you want to add a touch of nostalgia to your getup? Add a fedora hat to your trench coat ensemble and look just like those gangsters back in the 1930s did. No matter the case, this style will always be in vogue, and that’s a guarantee.

Do you want to look interesting and mysterious at the same time? Dress up like a man and take it up several notches higher. Choose a nice and classy boyfriend blazer to wear over an Oxford shirt, style it up with a necktie or bowtie, and top the look off with a matching fedora.

Indeed, the fedora hat may be considered a staple fashion accessory. So if you haven’t one yet, make sure to include it in your list the next time you go shopping.


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  1. I’ve been loving fedoras lately! I do have one…but I want many many more :D

  2. md kennedy says:

    I love fedoras, even though I cannot wear one – my head looks weird in one! I’ve even seen them worn on the beach, although with the small brim I am not sure how effective they are as sun protection!

  3. Maria Iemma says:

    I’ve never liked the way I look wearing hats. I do not think I have the face for it. I do not mind wearing knitted hats though

  4. Jayne Townsley says:

    I don’t have any fedoras in my collection. Thinking I need to maybe add some.

  5. Azslyn Cole says:

    These hats are so cute my husband has three of them i love the fashion statement thank you for sharing.

  6. Emily Linton says:

    Fedoras certainly do look good on the right type of person. I, myself, don’t think I could pull one off! :)

  7. This is such a cute post. I personally love fedora’s! I think they’re cute on babies, girls, boys and adults. My sister always teases me when we’re shopping and I try them on myself or my kids. I think I have style. =)

  8. Renee Ashley Hanna says:

    That is the cutest hat. I will have to check this site out. Never heard of them until I read your review!!! Thanks for sharing

  9. I just love any kind of hat….on anyone else. For some reason, I never feel like I can pull it off. The photo of your daughter is beautiful!

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