Dec 3, 2013

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Google Glass and Your Eyes


The worlds of fashion and electronics have come together once more with Google Glass making a statement in the New York Fashion Week 2013. This eye wear is actually an android device that has a head mounted display, touchpad, and camera for pictures and videos. Users can enjoy Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, voice activation, 16 GB storage, and Google applications like Google+, Gmail, and Google Maps that are also featured in this device. As cool as this gadget is, one should first consider how these glasses may affect their eyes before plunging into the trend.

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Long term effects on the eyes or vision become an immediate concern when one fits an eye wear with a computer and mini monitor. An entry on the Google Glass FAQ warns of potential eye strain or headache for some people and suggests that those who have undergone Lasik Surgery to consult their physician before using the glasses. However, according to Dr. James Salz of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, eye strain doesn’t mean that the eye is damaged. Headaches, redness or irritation and other effects of eyestrain can be treated with a bit of rest and eye medication. People with jobs that involve prolonged use of computers or staring at TV monitors most of the time are also prone to get eyestrain and headaches. These workers are often advised to observe the ideal distance between the person and the monitor, the importance of blinking to prevent the eyes from getting dry, and looking away from the monitor or focusing on distant objects from time to time.

Another concern is that the small monitor display of the Google Glass and its proximity to the eye may cause additional strain in the eye. But despite these warnings and observations, those who are concerned about their eyesight need not shy away from this device at point blank. After all, other devices like computers, game consoles, and even reading books in small print can cause eye strain if done for prolonged periods. Our friends over at Optical Express says, just like in most things, moderation is the key.

Those who will be using the Google Glass can educate themselves on how to minimize or avoid eyestrain and apply it whenever they use this cool gadget. In this manner, they can enjoy the techie benefits of these glasses while caring for their eyes.


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