Sep 2, 2013

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How Can You Organize Tall Boots?



Boots are essential not only for those fashionistas who love to show off what they’ve got but also to people who want to stay warm during the cooler months. Actually, many people are still reveling in the glow of summer. However,  we are almost done with the cold but Down under, stores are having their fall fashion displays and soon, winter’s. This means people, particularly women who love dressing up, would have to start investing in snuggly sweaters, boots, and lush hues.

Of course, where there are boots, there has to be that problem of where and how to keep these tall shoes organized. Let’s face it; tall boots are not easy to organize. Even if you stick boot shapers inside these just to keep these upright, these would eat up too much floor or close space. On the other hand, it would be difficult to stack the boots one on top of the other as you would have to rummage through the pile just to find the pair you need to wear. Boot boxes are no good, too, since these are too tall to store efficiently. Hence, what could be the best option? Well, you can always buy boot hangers designed specifically to hang boots without leaving marks on the skin of the boots. You would see metal clips lined with rubber or plastic, and all you have to do is use these to clip your boots. At the end of these clips are hooks that you can hook on a closet rod hanger or a tension hanger.

The idea of hanging your boots on rods gives you plenty of floor space that you can use for other stuff you might have. What’s more, it helps you become more organized. It’s always easier to find things when these are in order. Otherwise, you’d be wasting too much time trying to find a matching pair. Besides, your tall boots would last longer if you hang them properly.

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  1. Jenny Patton says:

    What a great idea! I need to do this

  2. rebeccabasset says:

    Wow, great idea, I have never heard of Boot Clips before, I am going to have to get some of these!

    Thanks for the post!

  3. like the idea!

  4. Nena Sinclair says:

    I love this idea! It’s brilliant!

  5. Great idea, I never thought of this!

  6. I would never have thought of that! Such a cool method (:

  7. Have you ever had problems from the clips leaving imprints in the leather/suede/etc? I’ve been curious about that kind of organizer, but I’d hate to have little dents in the tops of my boots!

  8. Linda Heng says:

    Wow LOVE this idea!! I’m so glad I stopped by to read your blogs. I always wanted to organize my boots and now I can with your great idea! Thank you for the tip ;)

  9. md kennedy says:

    Oh, I so wish I had the problem of how to store all of my boots! I own exactly ONE PAIR of boots. Oh well….

  10. I think this idea is neat…but I second Crystal’s question above. I didn’t see an answer though….so I’m just sure. If you have answered it, can you let me know? Thank you.

  11. melissa cushing says:

    Love this idea.. it is brilliant and keeps the boot intact with flopping over….. so clean and neat too! Thanks for the idea!

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