Oct 30, 2013

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Keeping Fit With Skiing


Winter, gray skies, cold and snow – the reasons why it is best to cuddle under a blanket, soak yourself with the happenings of a good, beloved book. But, no don’t let the cold drag you to laziness. Winter is the best season to stay fit too!

Though it’s cold and you would seem to not sweat at all, snowboarding, skiing and other winter sports are great aerobic exercises. Doing so trains one’s core muscles – one of the many benefits it brings. Others would be burn up to 3,000 calories for six full hours of skiing, lose up to five pounds in a week, have a flatter tummy, also boost immunity and may even relieve depression!

So don’t go lazy this season, grab your gears – here’s a list so you won’t forget.

1. Skis. No, it’s not a grab one and go. In buying a ski, you need to consider gender, age and one’s ability. It is best to consult a seasoned skier when getting one.

2. Ski Boots. Perhaps the next most important thing to your skis are your boots. You can never enjoy skiing with ill-fitted boots or when your feet get cold. Find comfortable and well-fitting ones for the best skiing experience.

ski attire

3. Ski Jackets and Pants. Two words to consider when buying ski jackets and pants: waterproof and insulated. Aside from keeping you warm, make sure that you can move flexibly when on them. Women’s ski jackets and pants wouldn’t differ really from a man’s, except that they should have at least a flattery fit and fashionable too.

4. Goggles. Make sure you have clean and clear goggles when you go down the slope. Cool sunglasses are best when there it isn’t too cold but goggles will protect your eyes – making your experience a fun and safe one.

5. Helmet. Aside from making you look cool, helmets are very important to keep you safe from injury. Choose one with optimal fit that would keep you ventilated, comfortable and protected as well.

6. Gloves or Mittens. Nothing is worse up there than having finger frost bites. Again: waterproof and insulated are the key words here. Keep your hands warm all throughout the course of your slope with a comfy pair. Always bring in extra too just in case of a loss or wetness! You can never tell.

There are a lot more itsy-bitsy accessories you need to consider when skiing. Some of these would be ski socks, fleece sweater, neck gaiter and those. Each are of course a personal preference. What’s on your list? Add up to this via the comments section!

skiing fit

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  1. Skiing is definitely a great way to keep fit because it’s quite a tiring sport! I’ve tried skiing once but don’t think I’m good at it!

  2. md kennedy says:

    Helmets are so important – I would even rank them #1 in required ski equipment.

  3. Maria Iemma says:

    I’ve never skied – I do not like the cold, the snow and everything else that goes with skiing however my kids go skiing all the time and love the sport. I usually wait in the lodge with hot chocolate and a book.

  4. skiing is fun, i am going to ski more

  5. Jayne Townsley says:

    I would much rather exercise by walking on a beach vs. skiing. I do like taking hikes in newly fallen snow, though. But only on good hiking paths.

  6. Maribel R says:

    I wish I could go back to the states so I can experience the fun of skiing.

  7. Cindy Merrill says:

    Last time I went out on the slopes, I was 11: Slammed into a tree after losing my balance, split open my knee cap and suffered a concussion. I’m sure I must have had fun otherwise, only wish I could remember anything other than searing pain.
    Nowadays I just sit by the fire at the lodge and watch others ski.

  8. natasha hunter says:

    i never tried it, but one day would like to

  9. Sandy Cain says:

    Wow, I’ve never been skiing! I have a balance problem and have enough trouble walking, LOL! But I used to go water skiing when I was younger, and I loved that.

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