Jun 14, 2013

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Shopping for Less is Possible Online Too

Shopping. My vanity…and yours too. Honestly, I think, I’ve been spending so much time in it I barely had time for anything (lol). And why not if you find great shoes like these? Or simply look at the photo below. And with a big discount to boot! (No pun intended.)

Well, like you and me, bargain hunters almost always wait for store sales, fall in line before store opening hours, hustle with the crowd of fellow shoppers, and dig through piles of items for sale just to enjoy more shopping for less money.   But, nobody has to tell you that this activity can be too tiring and energy draining.  Is it really worth spending all that energy for a few dollars of savings?  Maybe so. But know that there is another way through which you can shop for less.

There are plenty of online bargain stores where you get quality items for less.  The best thing about it is that you really do not have to leave home, brave traffic, and deal with the lines and crowds to enjoy your savings. In shopping online, you simply have to remember the following tips:

1.       Keep an eye out for big discounts and coupon codes. Unlike stores that hold sale events on a seasonal basis, online stores do not normally have any specific season or occasion when they hold their sale events.  Some of them actually have mark-down sales the whole year round.  You simply have to find out what the current discount offers and promotions are.  You can also get loads of discounts from coupon codes circulating in the internet.

2.       Check for reputation, reliability, and trustworthiness.  This is true offline, too. However, you have to take extra care in dealing with online stores.  Although they are online, you want to make sure that there are people you can turn to when you encounter problems with your purchases.  There are online forums as well as customer testimonials that you can consult to check on how reliable and trustworthy a particular online store is.  Having money back guarantees and return policies are also important.

3.       Look for online stores with free or discounted shipping charges.  While most online stores charge shipping fees to their customers, there are some discount online stores that offer free shipping as well. These might be available for certain purchase levels.  Some online shopping websites would already include these charges in the membership fees they charge shoppers to be able to use their shopping services.  Find out what these charges are and how you can avail of free shipping charges on your online shopping purchases.    You want to maximize your savings on both price discounts and shipping fee waivers.

There are plenty of online retail stores that let you shop for less with discounts and free shipping.  Find out what these are and enjoy your retail therapy without all the hassle.

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  1. Donna Martin says:

    i spend too much on online too..i should start saving now

  2. nikki robak says:

    I find myself doing more and more online shopping because of the great deals

  3. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips to make sure we are getting the best deal online. I really don’t do too much shopping online but if I did I would take this into account.

  4. Nicole Becker says:

    I actually find better deals online than I do when I shop in a store!! And you can shop in your pajamas!!

  5. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

  6. Andrea H says:

    Yes – it’s so easy to find great deals online!

  7. Where I live, I am forced to shop online or drive about 3 and half hours to go to shopping. I have definitely started thinking about saving more with shopping. The worst is the shipping – I try to look for free return shipping.

  8. samantha s says:

    There are so many sites to choose from but I’ve always gotten really good deals on ebay and other less known sites who offers lots of coupons/deals to draw in new customers.

  9. saima kaneez says:

    good ideas for saving

  10. veronica lee says:

    Great advice as always! Yep, discount codes and coupons are big money savers!!

  11. Brittany F. says:

    I find all my best deals online.

  12. Maria Iemma says:

    The availability of coupons and discounts online has made it easier to shop from home. No longer do I need to battle the mall’s parking lot and long lines at checkout.

  13. Gabriella Pintac says:

    I shop online all the time cause I save lots more that buying from the actual stores. Sometimes I can’t control myself anymore from buying online cause of all the irresistible deals!

  14. Lynzi cook says:

    I get on companies email list and like their Facebook page. Always has way better deals than if you just walked in the store!

  15. I am quite frugal when it comes to purchase nowadays….

  16. tia albright says:

    i am an online shopaholic lol i find some good deals online!

  17. Kristy S. says:

    I LOVE online sales! You really can get great deals online.

  18. Great post — I’ve been shopping online for several years now…buy most of my big ticket items online. Shopping online is the way to go because, in my opinion, you can price shop and get great coupons on many items.

  19. Online shopping is my downfall, lol – thanks for sharing!

  20. Aimee Worley says:

    I do most of my shopping online anymore. A lot of places offer free shipping no matter how much you buy. I like the selection better online too, more to choose from.

  21. Shirley Carr says:

    I shop more online than in stores!

  22. love shopping online. i dont know if i end up saving because i buy more…

  23. I love shopping online in the comfort of your own home! Although for things like shoes or jeans, it’s better to try them on first!

  24. maribel r says:

    What I like about online shopping is that you can find some good clothes that you don’t have in your country at great price

  25. Linda Heng says:

    Thanks for the article =) It’s true, I sometimes shop online when there is a good deal and you cannot beat free shipping =)

  26. md kennedy says:

    Even if I can’t find the best buy online, being able to use the net to see what prices I should be looking for is invaluable. And there are a TON of great deal sites that I do buy from!

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