Nov 20, 2013

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Tall Boots Are the Perfect Year-Round Footwear


Mention a shoe sale. At the drop of a hat, a woman would scramble to the store with no questions asked. That’s how crazy many women are about shoes. Actually, most women are crazy over any type of footwear – ballet flats, sandals, peep toes, pumps, wedges, sneakers, and boots. Boots, in particular, are a favorite among the most stylish of women. Why is that? Well, these women know that boots are now considered fashion basics that know no seasons.

Before, boots were mostly associated with hard labor. This means if your line of work involved manual labor (construction and the likes), then the ideal footwear of choice is a pair of sturdy boots to keep your feet protected. Of course, boots are also a godsend come fall or wintertime, when the weather is just too chilly to leave exposed toes. After all, the last thing you want is to get cold feet, literally. Frostbitten toes are definitely not a pretty sight.

tan cobalt, tall boots


If you like dressing up and wearing footwear (boots, in particular) that would look smashing with your outfit, then you might want to check out your favorite shoe store, because surely, they have an extensive inventory of boots in a variety of heel heights and jazzy details. In fact, some boots now boast of trendy styles like cutout peep toes with laces, and these come available in various materials, from leather to denim.

However, if you’re looking for tall boots that you can wear with the clothes you already have stashed in your closet, then you might want to check out Reef Shoes. They have tall boots in different colors, designs, and styles. Another great thing about their boots is that each pair comes with mattress-inspired quilted PU foam as the pair’s foot bed. The foot beds feature anatomical arch supports, which, as the name suggests, are very important in supporting the natural arch of your feet; thus, the boots are more comfortable to wear. What’s more, the boots boast of durable rubber outsoles, which make them very sturdy and longwearing.

There’s a pair of tall Reef boots in tan that you can pair with just about any color of clothes. The particular color would look well with a skirt (in fact, any length of skirt you desire would do), skinny jeans, and even leggings. Since the boots are not too tight or too loose, these would perfectly elongate your legs with an unbroken line.


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