Jun 16, 2013

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The Charm of Vintage Photos

Photographs are meant to be enjoyed not only by those who are in it, but more so by the coming generations. These preserve memories but also tell stories to the younger generation of how the past generations lived. Old faded sepia-tone photographs have a certain nostalgic charm to them. These are wonderful pieces of art that gives you a sense of what happened in the past. Somehow, these photographs also make you feel calm and relaxed as you think about the stories that these vintage photos are telling you.

Vintage photos can be anything that is taken and printed in old style photography. While you can recreate this style today, it would be difficult to get the same charm and feeling without the important elements that are telling of the photographs’ age. Although a few clicks is all it takes to age photos using the latest photo editing software, it would be quite difficult to convincingly age a group jump shot even if it is done in a castle setting.


Lavender Wall, I took this at the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg

You can decorate your own home with old vintage photos. But, you have to take time to search for the right photographs. If your grandmother has a scrapbook or a picture box, you will find a treasure of photographs to frame for your home. If not, you will have to make more of an effort to collect photographs from the older members of your family.

When you get hold of pictures, you have to be careful about handling them. Some of them could have tattered or torn edges – hey, that’s actually part of their vintage charm. You would also have to take them to professional framers. The materials used for framing old photographs should effectively protect them from the elements. Some of the DIY frames available in the local bookstores or home decorating shops might have materials or contain substances that can further degrade old photographs.

What is important to think about when choosing photos to frame is the story behind the photographs. You do not want to choose a random photograph that is insignificant to the family’s history; or worse, bring back bad memories. Your search for photographs will be an interesting journey in itself. This will be more than just any other home decorating project. It will be a meaningful journey into the past. The next time you have guests in the house, you can entertain them with all the stories you learned about your family through these vintage photographs.

gondola street, venice

Old City charm, Old photo look. I’d definitely want to visit Venice again and take more photos like this. Probably Barcelona too. :)

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  1. Donna Martin says:

    vintage is art..old photograph always gives sense of history and memories

  2. Why are that vintage photos, the photos look pretty new.

    • Like mentioned in the article,it can be recreated. :) I just used my own photos – edited it to look old—somehow, think I failed!

  3. Cara Daymude says:

    Love these pics :) thanks for sharing.

  4. Ashwini says:

    The charm of Instagram lol

  5. Gabriella Pintac says:

    I love vintage photos too, they’re so pretty :) and photography in general. Tried it once but I’m not really that good at it. Haha oh well..

  6. I love vintage photos! :)

  7. veronica lee says:

    How true that while you can make a current photo look retro, it does’t quite give you that rush of nostalgia when you look at an old photograph. Browsing an old family album is like taking a walk down memory lane. Vintage photos are such precious keepsakes.

  8. judy gardner says:

    i have a treasure trove of old photos from my grandparents and other family members. i even found some from a great uncle who served in world war two. many photos from overseas in that bunch! and btw, i think your photos turned out beautifully!

  9. Lynzi cook says:

    I live vintage photos, everyone looks so beautiful, and smooth skin. Instagram really can’t recapture the true vintage look.

  10. Karen Chayne Sanchez says:

    WOW! these are indeed beautiful vintage photos! I would to visit this vintage old city charm place so take vintage photos too! :)

  11. Great blog post and great pictures. I agree — vintage photos do have a charm of their own and can relate a great deal to the viewer. Thanks for the post!

  12. I really like to looking at vintage photos.

  13. Erika Messer says:

    These are my favorite kinds of pics! They are so awesome :)

  14. I love the vintage effects on photos! Somehow, it always looks better (:

  15. Sandy Cain says:

    Wonderful post! There is nothing like vintage photos! Especially when the people in them are looking out at you, right at the camera. It almost seems as though they are looking ahead, into the far future, knowing that their (as yet unthought of) great-great grandchildren are watching. It’s as though THEY are watching us!

  16. md kennedy says:

    My grandmother recently passed at 98 (she lived a great, if simple, life – an example for all of us!). She left behind a well-organized large box of photos and we are having so much fun going through them as a family. Such a treat for us from her.

  17. Danielle Wuest says:

    Vintage just has a classy look to it and is perfect to use in decorating or fashion, but the charm of vintage photos can not compare, it shows you another world that once was….

  18. Karen Beckett says:

    I have some vintage photos of my family members, and I treasure them dearly. When in antique shops or flea markets, I have purchased vintage photos that caught my eye. They have such charm & draw you back to a by-gone era.

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