Aug 14, 2013

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Women and Wedges

You're so late Mr.Sun...but better than none. ;)

Men love their cars, and women love their shoes. Make no mistake about it. It’s probably one of life’s greatest mysteries which, if you think about it, really is no mystery at all. We women treat our shoes like they were our best friend. One type of shoe which lives up to its role of being our BFF is the wedge or platform. Why do we love our wedges? Let me count the ways…

They’re flattering. If you get a pair of wedges in a nude color, it gives the illusion of longer and leaner legs. Wedges give a whole new dimension to sexiness.

They’re light and comfortable. Wedges give you the added height you need, and a lot of arch support to go along with it. You can then kiss your wobbly days goodbye. Wedges also make you move easier, as they’re light. Because they’re made of cork soles and/or the same material for espadrilles, you can more easily move about.

They’re versatile. Pretty much like you are, wedges are so flexible that they can go from office wear to night out wear. In the daytime, you can wear wedges with shorts. When nighttime falls, you can then switch to a dress and still have those wedges on.
They’re practical. Unlike high heels which sink into the grass, wedges are much more stable and easy to wear. You may find yourself even dancing better with wedges instead of heels.
More than diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend. If you take care of your wedges, they’ll last you a lifetime. Now, that’s what I call a best friend for life!

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  1. SassyChick says:

    Ah, very well said! I love my wedges too that’s why I have so many of them. I also call them my “height extenders”. LOL!

  2. Franc Ramon says:

    Men and cars, women and shoes, I guess that’s an excellent compromise. Men won’t mind women’s shoes as long as women won mind men’s car.

  3. Yaniconquistadora (@YaniMetrado) says:

    Wedges ..they are my favorites as I can keep my balance and poise all the time ;)

  4. I’ve been trying some wedges here as you know I’m looking for a pair for the season but I can’t find one that fits my choosy feet. Glad to have seen this!

  5. love wedges! at firts i was kind of sceptical but every year i buy a couple more of pairs!

  6. Maria Iemma says:

    Wedges are so much more comfortable than heels, and they make my legs look great too.

  7. I’m definitely a fan of wedges! I recently picked up a pair that’s super comfy, I’m sad to put them away for winter!

  8. maribel r says:

    I like wedges but I cant seem to find one here that’s not two high or comfortable.

  9. rose paden says:

    I love my heels, especially wedges! I am always finding new wedges for sale that i have to buy!! Thanks for sharing

  10. I’m a huge fan of wedges because they give me height and are wayyy more comfortable!

  11. Linda Heng says:

    I am definitely a women who loves shoes!! Possibly a shoe addict lol Love the wedge that is pictured!

  12. md kennedy says:

    I guess i’m one of the odd men (women) out – I don’t have a ton of pairs of shoes, nor do I like heels, including wedges. BUT, don’t get me started on skincare products!

  13. I guess I’m the strange one – I don’t like wedges that much. Well, to be honest, I don’t like shoes that much period. :) But wedges are a type of high heel and I simply can’t wear heels (though I wish I could).

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